Integration & Development


Vffice integration & Development

Sometimes, we often find out that our current system cannot satisfy to all of our requirements or new issues have been found and there is a need of integrating a new feature into our current ERP, CRM or Cloud project. With our experienced team of programmers, Vffice is able to develop new features that can be integrated into your existing project and be connected with its functions. This allows you to simply learn few additional manipulations and keep your original implemented business solution.


What are the steps?

  1. Analysis of your workflow
  2. Requirements and/or issues
  3. Design and analysis of the solution
  4. Proposal of the solution
  5. Development of the feature(s) upon your approval
  6. Testing on sandbox and from customer side
  7. Deployment of features into your system
  8. Training for end users + support for future questions


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