Data Analytics

Vffice Data Analysis

Stored data can be way more useful for your business than just a simple entry or number. It can bring much more values for your company, especially for decision making. Vffice data analysis service consists to design, develop and implement cloud analytics solutions based on Microsoft Power BI, custom reports and Business intelligence. These solutions help you make data-driven business decisions according to your situation/the market’s trend or other factors that can be suggested by the analysis.


Why choose Microsoft Power BI

  • Data analysis with Microsoft’s industry leading AI technology is easy to use
  • Easy transitioning of content in development, testing and production.
  • Cooperation with Excel platform
  • With the addition of certain Power Apps like Power Automate, it is possible to apply changes to your business after viewing insights on the same platform
  • Real-time analysis
  • Security of stored data
  • Deeper and helpful insights
  • Constitute an ecosystem with other Power Apps, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure and etc…