Consulting Services


Vffice consulting services

With our team of certified professional consultants, Vffice can help you find out the best way to grow your company when you make a visit appointment with us. We can design and suggest a variety of solutions that can contribute to the improvement of your business. We will mainly advise our clients in the integration of a Microsoft dynamics 365 ERP system, a CRM system, or an Azure Cloud in order to enhance the management inclusive of the fields of financial management, human resource, supply chain, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing and even more when you wish to customize your unique system. In addition, for companies that are already using Microsoft’s products, we can help you maintain/upgrade your existing Microsoft NAV or Business central.


What are the steps:

  1. Contact Us
  2. Our consultant team understands your workflow
  3. Tell us your requirements and expectations of the desired new system
  4. Analysis of the feasibility of the proposed solution/plan
  5. Development and implementation of the system
  6. Observe the growth of your business!
  7. The Vffice team will provide support for future questions and upgrades

When does your company need our consulting service? When…

  • The current management system is pulling you back and not letting you grow;
  • There are disparate systems that cannot work fluently together;
  • The structure in usage isn’t meeting all the requirements to bring a good experience for your customers;
  • You wish to optimize your workflow efficiency;
  • You wish to integrate additional features in your existing Microsoft ERP system;