Cloud Adoption&Migration

Cloud Adoption

Currently, Cloud solutions are becoming more and more essential for a company’s growth. As a Gold certificate partner of Microsoft for ERP and Cloud platform, Vffice’s team can help you during the transition towards a Cloud solution based on the Microsoft Azure cloud services. We provide a variety of choices for your cloud services such as on-premise, hybrid, cloud to cloud, private cloud hosting, Microsoft 365, Azure, PowerApps and much more services related to the Microsoft cloud services. With our experienced team at Vffice, the transition towards cloud will be secure, efficient, and worry-free.


What are the reasons to go cloud?

  • Efficiency in data management without the need of a specific IT 
  • Easy data analysis with Azure applications
  • More secured storage of your files
  • Azure back-up and data storage for ERP and CRM 
  • Cost saving with service improvement
  • Automated business processes
  • Mobility of your system
  • Better collaboration between different systems
  • Complete and clear view of your customers