As pharma grows and globalizes, adopting new solutions is necessary to maintain competitiveness and viability.

How can our solutions help you improve?

The Microsoft's ERP system can help you manage your inventory from raw materials to processing, packing and shipping to customers. It brings an opportunity to access easily and quickly to your information with an extreme flexibility and mobility.
With the CRM solution, it allows you to gain a better insight of your market activities and a greater controller of your sales. It helps the pharmaceutical in multiple operations such as automating customer data treatment, providing an integrated customer database that collects customers' transactions and analyze them. According to the report, you are able to makes changes for a better marketing and customer engagement
  • Approved Vendor Capability
  • Attribute Tracking
  • Batch Balancing
  • Batch Disposition
  • Best-Before Dating
  • Bulk and Pack Pricing
  • Centralized Quality Control
  • Product Formula Management
  • Enhanced picking
  • Flexible Planning and Scheduling
  • Product Sequencing
  • Lot Inheritance

Much more features are supported by the Microsoft Solutions and Vffice is able to design and integrate customized features for your special needs

The benefits of Microsoft based ERP/CRM/Cloud

Why Should You Choose Our Microsoft Solutions

Collaboration & Customization

Capability of being combined with other Microsoft applications and features on the same platform. Ability of integrating customized features for your special needs.

Complete management

Clear view of all operations with mobility and accessibility. Management control is not limited to the manufacturing process but also includes finance, human resources, sales, etc.


Microsoft's Azure cloud services come with an assured security for servers' physical to data protection.

Data Analytics

Microsoft's industry leading AI technology can help you make deeper and precise analysis to accelerate researches and development for biomedical companies.

Keep Your Business Modernized

The pharmaceutical is one of the most strictly regulated field in the world. Therefore, it is important to adopt a streamlined, productivity and cost-efficient work process. Nowadays, it is the trend of all developing and traditional companies to implement technological solutions and it becomes mandatory to stay in the lead of the industry and not being left behind by competitors.