To maximize its earning power, every distributor seeks the right inventory level to have sufficient stock for order fulfillment without keeping useless surpluses, thus freeing up valuable warehouse space and liquid assets.

An ERP solution to control costs and provide better customer service

Besides closely managing its stock, the distributor must also effectively manage its procurement, order taking and shipping procedures, and warehouse logistics as well. VFFICE solutions are ideal for distribution firms because we provide crucial elements to help distribute control costs and deliver better customer service

Keeping their stock balanced while continually responding to customer demand


Simplifying the purchase and receiving processes


Making more informed purchasing decisions

Negotiating better conditions


Improving customer service to secure customer loyalty.

Why work with VFFICE?

VFFICE's industry solution for wholesale distributors combines the power and flexibility of Dynamics 365, the best practices and experience of Sunrise, and the elasticity and affordability of the Microsoft Cloud.

Our history is deeply rooted in optimizing the supply chain for wholesale distribution companies. Dynamics 365 is the hands-down winner for managing your wholesale distribution business. It helps you tighten the weakest links in your supply chain and improve planning, storing, and moving inventory from procurement to delivery. In addition, the cloud platform offers cost savings, speed, and accuracies gained from a single intelligent and integrated solution for ERP + SCM + WMS + CRM + BI. And with VFFICE's unrivaled experience in distribution and industry extensions for Dynamics 365, you'll be able to hit the ground running.

With our solution, you'll be able to:

Manage And Build Customer Loyalty With CRM

See it ALL with Supply Chain Management

Do more with SINGLE-SOLUTION channel management

Get smart with business intelligence